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  • Fire Drill in SIMO

    SIMO invited the captain of armed police fire brigade, popularizing fire protection knowle

  • After Great Cold, another new year

    The Great Cold comes, At this moment, the weather is very cold, but in order to shorten the production period of industrial centrifugal fan for delivery, The workers are very busy

  • The twelfth lunar month---Home

    Once into the twelfth lunar month, "Year" to the countdown approach approaching, the Spring Festival atmosphere is easy to feel. The feeling is more timid when colser to hometown,

  • A unique dance in the dark

    In the annual party of XinXiang Cross-border E-commerence Association, SIMO performed a creative and lively dance for everyone.SIMO's unique dance, have you impressed?

  • Tunnel Axial Fan

    SIMO BLOWER has been working on new industrial fans. With the successful development of tunnel axial fan, which gives us great encouragement. More information, please visit simo-bl

  • Environmental protection, enterprise development

    To achieve the goal of building a harmonious society under the blue sky, in order to build

  • Lovely Snow

    Don't lost in lovely snow, attention the snow-slicked road.

  • Lesser Cold

    Lesser Cold is the penultimate solar term in 24 solar terms. When Lesser Cold comes, the coldest day of the year is coming. In twenty-four solar terms origin of the Yellow River, p

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