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  • Maintenance of centrifugal blower Fans

    When you used the centrifugal blower fan, maintenance of centrifugal blower fan is needed. there are some tips about how to maintenance, hope you can get some from this passage.

  • Industrial centrifugal fan core part——bearing housing’s asse

    As we all know the impeller is core of centrifugal fan. In fact, bearing is core part for

  • Army Day

    1st. August is the Chinese People's Liberation Army Day. It comes from the Democratic Revolution Uprising which started by Chinese Communist Party leadership in Nanchang, China.

  • San sha Yong le Blue Hole

    In July 24th , according to China Sansha, experts already confirmed that government of Sansha Yongle officially named the Xisha Islands atoll ocean blue hole as SanshaYongleBlueHol

  • What is the special of July?

    July, we have gone to the July. The July is over of the half year. At the same time, it is the start position. Today, the Marketing Meeting of semi annual summary was held in SIMO

  • Live to learn, for everyone

    What we know today will be out of date tomorrow. And if we stop learning, soon we will stagnant and eventually be eliminated by the society. Today's technology is developing so fas

  • SIMO give blessing to Our Party

    Today, Warmly celebrate the 95 anniversary of the Communist Party of China.  Ninety-five years, for a person, maybe a long time; for a country, in a short moment; For a p

  • The Summer Solstice

    The Summer Solstice is one of the 24 solar terms in Chinese calendar. On the day of Summer Solstice, daylight lasts the longest for the whole year in the northern hemisphere. After

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