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  • Innovation comes from the rain

    Waking up in the morning, the continuous patter of raindrops is falling from the sky and accompanying with the footsteps of pedestrians. The rain of spring is so precious. Walking

  • The “Good Helpers” Delivered to Vietnam

    a group of centrifugal fan have been finished, those fans used to waste heat power generation.

  • News of 2013

    Engineers of Iranian a well-known local steel plant visit our factory, respectively, have carried on the on-the-spot investigation to my factory workshop, laboratory, technical dep

  • International Working Women's Day of SIMO BLOWER

    March 8th is the International Working Woman's Day,its full name United Nations woman's rights and international peace day. It called Woman's Day in China.This holiday is the anniv

  • Arbor Day

    Arbor Day SIMO Blower advocates energy-saving emission-reduction. SIMO Blower devoted to design, manufacture and researche fans based on the principle of environmental protection.

  • News of 2011 and 2012

    Ukraine customer purchased 10 sets of heavy duty high air flow for Guatemala steel production lines from SIMO BLOWER. The maximum flow rate of up 980000m3/h. This is the first orde

  • News of 2014

    The first half year of 2014, it expands two production lines and carries out tender, SIMO blower successful win a bid in both times. The first production line includes the Grate co

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