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10000pa direct-driven centrifugal fan, waiting for checkout

Author:xima Time:2017-11-06

After 20 days of production cycle, the batch of centrifugal fans have been completed. According to the contract, after the client’s examine, industrial blower fans would be sent to Malaysia. Accompanied by the business manager and technical engineer, Malaysian customer measured cooling fans’ outline dimension and test the vibration value.
centrifugal fan operating test
Due to the pressure of direct driven fans up to 10000pa, the customer requires to make fan operating testing. In the fan testing center, SIMO’s engineers made operating test on high-pressure centrifugal fans, recording the  vibration value, voltage and current values. The customer examined the test data carefully, the fan vibration value is 4.3 mm/ s. Through this trip to SIMO, customers are highly praised to SIMO BLOWER.
high-pressure direct driven fan
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