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Panda “Bao Bao” return by plane, centrifugal fan take special train to Russia

Author:SIMO Time:2017-02-27

An aircraft, which is printed Panda BaoBao photo land safely at Chengdu airport, in southwestern China’s Sichuan province, local time on Wednesday. That shown that the born in American Panda has returned. BaoBao will start new life in Dujiangyan Panda Base. At the same time, industrial centrifugal fan application in dust collector in steel factory will be packaged and delivery, after business entrepreneur’s checking. Business entrepreneur visited SIMO for two purposes. One is checking the induced draft fan and ID fan for dust collector in steel factory, and another is taking about traffic program. As the Construction period is shorter than plan, so business entrepreneur want to shorten haulage time.
draft fan application in steel factory dust collector system
Baobao is paid more attention, aboard a FedEx Panda Express 777F airplane. As the reasons of shorten construction time, many parts of dust collector induced draft fan, large size(Diameter of Impeller is 2700mm ) of this ID fan and delivery point in inland city, SIMO engineer advised direct-transnational land-carriage is the best way. To give construction more time, this centrifugal fan will be delivered to job, it is only more than 15 days. About the dust collector industrial centrifugal fan, please follow our website.
Russia client in simo workshop
SIMO concentrate on industrial centrifugal fan design and produce. In traffic program, SIMO will accorded client requirement, giving reasonable program. It can save cost. Choose SIMO, Choose special.  
ID fan