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Winter solstice, the coldest time is coming

Author:SIMO Time:2018-12-22

22nd, December, 2018, the solar term winter solstice has arrived. On winter solstice day, there are the shortest daytime and the longest evening of the year. On this day, there are different celebrations in various places of China. Food is essential part in the festival. The dumplings in the north and the sweet dumplings in the south are famous foods of winter solstice.
Winter solstice
This winter solstice, in SIMO Blower, the chefs will prepare yummy dumplings for the employees of SIMO, bringing warm feeling to them.
Winter solstice dumplings
How will you spend this winter solstice? Will you cook a big meal to enjoy? Anyway, give a call to your family and friends, give them warm greetings on this longest night!