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What? The sparkle----SIMO BLOWER’S Korean dance?

Author:SIMO BLOWER Time:2017-01-11

The story began in early 2017, each company is holding the various style party. Absolutely, Xinxinag Chamer of Commerce, as the main force of e-commerce and cross-border trade, also held the fascinating get-together party. In order to show the Company Strength, each company exquisitely prepared the program. In the afternoon (about 2 o'clock), the party started, each performer was enthusiastic and energetic. There are many program types, songs, drama, witty skits, don't forgot the dancing, the programs were wonderful, got the audience applause constantly.
special spring festival
SIMO BLOWER took the energetic Korean dancing to the audience. Every SIMO’S performer were in high spirit, show the excellent and wonderful performance to the audience. Skilled dance, dynamic music, gorgeous lamplight, brought the visual shock for audience. At the end of the dance, the audience Applaud wildly. When all programs finished, everyone was talking about the SIMO’S dance, said it’s the bright lightspot the party.
SIMO dance
By the performance, not only making each SIMO team member collaborate closely, but also promoting the communication between each company. Be together, go much more further. Hope SIMO BLOWER recreate the glory in 2017!