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Welcome Ukrainian customer visit SIMO

Author:SIMO Time:2019-03-14

The whole year's work depends on a good start in spring. In early March, Ukrainian customers have visited SIMO Blower. It is said that the customer come from the largest EPC project designing & general contractor company in Ukraine, focusing on dust collector project of steel plants. Which has covered 95% steel plant dust collector projects in Ukraine and neighboring countries.
steel plant ID fan project
During the discussion with SIMO, the customer said that in the most previous projects, the dust collectors, centrifugal fans and other equipment were purchased from Czech Republic. It is decided to try to cooperate with Chinese suppliers due to price, delivery time and other reasons.
steel plant blast furnace induced draft fan project
After the supplier's screening survey, the customer visited the operation of SIMO's induced draft fan in Russia. Which decided to come to SIMO Blower for on-the-spot investigation. With 900,000 air volume steel plant blast furnace dust collector ID fan's technical solution, business details and delivery plan, we both make a further discussion of the project, the customer is satisfied with the blast furnace ID fan solution provided by SIMO Blower.
blast furnace ID fan
Accompanied by SIMO's engineers and business managers, they visited the production workshop of SIMO Blower. During the visit, the customer stated that this steel plant ID fan project will be launched in April, hope SIMO will be able to successfully get the dust collector induced draft fan project and reach this cooperation.