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Welcome Indian customer visit SIMO BLOWER

Author:SIMO Time:2018-07-18

It’s said that the annual growth rate of garbage is 8.42% in the world, and the amount of garbage is increasing, which endangers human health and compresses people's living space. To use "misplaced resources" ----garbage rationally, waste incineration power generation has gradually become the main way to Waste-to-Energy.


garbage incinerator project id fan


In mid-July, Welcome the engineer who is from the famous Waste-to-Energy design contracting unit in India visited SIMO BLOWER with the purpose of discussing garbage incinerator induced draft fan technical solution. After talking with each other, getting that in previous projects the customer purchased centrifugal fan from USA or Europe. With the development of China’s manufacturing industry, they began to try Chinese industrial equipment. Due to the strict requirements of suppliers, one of the main purposes is to examine our R&D and manufacturing capabilities.


confirm induced draft fan technical solution


With the company of foreign trade manager and engineer, the customer visited SIMO’s factory. SIMO gave the detailed answer for customer’s questions. The customer expressed great appreciation for our professional fan knowledge and ability to work.

SIMO BLOWER has participated in waste incineration industry since 2008, after the technical solution was modified many times and centrifugal fan’s details were improved constantly. Which has accumulated rich experience in the waste incineration industry. After confirming the customer’s garbage incinerator induced draft fan technical details, discussing with SIMO’s engineer, finally decided double suction stainless induced draft fan technical solution, to meet customer’s working site condition.


SIMO BLOWER induced draft fan manufacturer


Confirmed the technical scheme of the waste incineration line induced draft fan and SIMO’s design and manufacture ability. Thanks for customer’s recognition of SIMO BLOWER. We also look forward to meeting the commercial manager in August to discuss the business details of the incinerator induced draft fan project.