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Welcome Egyptian customer visited SIMO

Author:SIMO Time:2018-05-09

Welcome Egyptian customer visited SIMO. The trip was the first time customer visited Chinese centrifugal blower fan manufacturer. Its purpose is to find the suitable partner ---- centrifugal fan manufacturer.
cement cooling blower fan manufacturer
The customer has a very rich experience in design and manufacturing in the cement building materials industry. He worked in the famous Building Materials Industry Group Corporation for more than 50 years. The cement kiln blower fans used are from Europe and local manufacturer. Who has strict requirements on the design, production and operation of cement production line centrifugal fans. For the cement kiln cooling fan core component ---- the impeller, SIMO’s engineer had designed the special wear-resistant technical solution for the customer basing on  cement kiln blower fan operating conditions.
centrifugal fan manufacturer SIMO Blower
When we meet for the first time, just like best friends in the past. SIMO is looking forward your visit!