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Transformation of centrifugal fan can do like this?

Author:SIMO Time:2017-08-04

In recent days, the Iraki customer got a big surprise in SIMO BLOWER. The customer came from the local famous engineering company. who visited SIMO to purchase a batch of forced draught fan spare parts which are the centrifugal fan core part ----impeller for cement production lines. The FD fan impeller would replace the former forced draught fan’s impeller. The reason of surprise is that SIMO can manufacture the same impellers and improve the centrifugal fan’s performance.




The customer’s former centrifugal fan was made in Germany. According to the customer’s drawing, SIMO’s engineers had a discussion and gave a technical evaluation. Base on the induced German technology of SIMO, SIMO’s engineer made 3D modeling for the forced draught fan, and confirmed the impeller and shaft’s replacement solution.


Transformation of centrifugal fan


After visiting SIMO’s factory, the customer trusted SIMO’s design and strength completely. And looking forward to make long-term cooperation relations with SIMO BLOWER. About the forced draught fan transformation, we  have reached an agreement. SIMO is specialize in manufacturing high quality centrifugal fan, and also can take over centrifugal fan’s transformation project. Produce suitable centrifugal fan spare parts for you.