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Tomb-Sweeping Day

Author:SIMO Time:2018-04-04

The second month of spring is coming to an end, and the late spring is coming. On the 104th day after winter solstice, the Chinese traditional festival Tomb-Sweeping Day is coming.
Tomb-Sweeping Day
Tomb-sweeping, spring outing and enjoy sweet green rice ball are traditional customs of Tomb-Sweeping Day. On this Day, when we go to sweep tomb to remember the departed loved ones, don’t ignore fascinating spring scene. With a beautiful scene, adjusted own mood for grief. Looking the outdoor scene, an ancient poem is remembered.
spring scene
The pear flower is dancing with wind, tomb-sweeping Day comes, people go out to visit spring scene. When the sun goes down, with the wonderful singing, all people prepare to go back, only leaving warblers are singing on the willow.
spring outing
During the Tomb-Sweeping Day, the spring scene is wonderful. Don't miss the good opportunity for outing and make a schedule for Holiday, wish you a good vacation. 
Notice: Holiday time: 5th, April, 2018 ----6th, April, 2018
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