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Today is the "most adorable" day of the year

Author:SIMO Time:2018-06-01

Today is the most adorable day of the year. Not only do children expect, even our over-aged children are immersing themselves in the adorable atmosphere.
Happy Children's Day
International Children's Day is coming, adults won't focus on playing. Invite good childhood partner and talk about funny things when we are in the childhood. There are more interesting things in childhood, we all liked playing. When we recall childhood time, all want to go back to childhood and enjoy it again!
International Children's Day
Childhood is the most memorable fragment in everybody's life. In the past you were a child, now you may have your own children. Will you talk to your child about your childhood?
When International Children’s Day arrived,
May SIMO’s children, big friends and elder friends
Happy Children's Day!