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The heavy duty centrifugal fan was sent to Ukraine

Author:SIMO Time:2018-05-15

The high efficiency backward inclined centrifugal blower fan with a diameter of up to 3000mm is ready for delivering to Ukraine!
heavy duty centrifugal fan
1.Centrifugal fan design
This centrifugal fan is applied in Ferronickel production line, in order to meet the high-efficiency operation of this heavy-duty centrifugal blower fan and avoid impeller blades dust accumulation. The impeller blades are designed as backward inclined blades, and SIMO’s technical engineer decided to use special steel plate for this fan impeller, to meet on-site condition.
backward inclined centrifugal blower fan
2.Transportation scheme
In order to save customer’s freight, SIMO Blower divided this 3000mm centrifugal fan with best centrifugal blower fan subdivision method. What’s more, In SIMO’s factory, this backward inclined centrifugal fan components are loaded into the container, ensure the centrifugal fan are delivered intactly to customer’s site.
high efficiency 3000mm centrifugal blower fan
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