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Super bluemoon meets total lunar eclipse

Author:SIMO Time:2018-02-01

Last night, the super bluemoon met red total lunar eclipse, have you view this peculiar astronomical phenomena?
In January, 2018, it occurred twice full moon ( on 2rd, January and 31st, January). Astronomically, it occurs full moon for the second time, which be called “bluemoon”. Generally, there will be “bluemoon” on average for 32 months. When “bluemoon” meets total lunar eclipse, what happened? Come with SIMO BLOWER together, what’s the highlight of this total lunar eclipse?
total moon eclipse
1. Super lunar eclipse
At this full moon, the moon has just passed perigee, so the size of this moon is similar as the super moon, the moon is nearly 30% more than usual.
2. The red moon
At this bluemoon total lunar eclipse, which met red moon. In most parts of China, a clear penumbral lunar eclipse can be observed.
super bluemoon
Wish the bright moon can accompany you all the time, you can reunite with who are you missing now.