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SIMO is moving forward with China

Author:SIMO Time:2017-08-01

The five-star red flag flying in the air, everyone has remembered the spectacular occasion on the Zhurihe military training base. The people's military always be prepared, every soldier is a hero. Follow the Party! Fight to win! Unify the thought, strive for moving ahead.
In recent days, under the leadership of SIMO’s leader, all the staff of SIMO BLOWER’s marketing department participated in the middle of the year’s closing meeting of 2017. The market is changing, the new industry occupies more market, the traditional industry is shrinking day by day. In order to change the current situation, SIMO’s leader has suggested that making the shift of thinking, let the technology and service improve the market share. Focusing on the garbage generation of environmental protection industry, combined heat and power generation, the reconstruction of desulfurization and denitrification project. According the feature of different centrifugal fans, SIMO BLOWER made the important analysis, choosing the most suitable solution for customer finally. After the meeting, all staff of SIMO BLOWER unify the thought, distinguish the market and lay the foundation of finishing the annual aim.
Centrifugal fan
The united thought is the guarantee of the PLA going ahead, under the situation of SIMO BLOWER’s unify the thought, the perfect ending would be got in 2017.