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News of 2014

Author:xima Time:2016-01-19

January 2014
January 6, 2014, SIMO BLOWER win the Iran project officially. Customers purchase 34 sets fans from our company, used in steel production line. Including our high pressure fan and high volume fan. The highest operating temperature of 450 degree. This is our first project in Iran,the partnership is of far-reaching significance. 
By the end of January 2014, Xinxiang Changcheng machinery Ltd. purchase fans for transporting slag powder from our company. Including our high pressure blower, medium pressure fans and axial fans with a total of ten units, worth 330,000 RMB. 
Congratulations SIMO blower win a bid in fly ash utilization projects of Changyuan Tongli Cement Company. Including circulating fan, exhaust fan and dust collector fan with a total of four units. Two heavy-duty fans among them have an impeller diameter of 2500mm. Worth 500,000 RMB.
March 2014
On March 15, 2014, the American customers order two impeller diameter of 1200 mm pulley drive centrifugal fans have finished spray paint, ready to shipment. 
On March 18,2014, General manager and technology minister personally visited Russia to debug the fan and succeed on the first run.
April 2014
On April 2014, SIMO blower and Jinan Zhangqiu Thermomax Limited company having cooperation in the boiler project. In which blowers and induced draft fans having two units respectively, worth 745,000 RMB. SIMO blower win a bid once again in the boiler project. Qianan Heating Company purchases two heavy-duty fans from our company, used as boiler induced draft fan. Italian customer and we have cooperation for many years, every year regularly purchase SIMO BLOWER.
On April 30, 2014, they order a fan which is applied to sand screening equipment, at the request of customers, we also design the silencer.
May, 2014
On May 8, 2014, centrifugal fan Iran customer ordered two million for the steel mill production line of is in production. 
On May 26, 2014, a group of application in the power plant of centrifugal fan, axial flow fan and spare parts production is completed, ready to shipment. 
On May 27, 2014, U.S. customers order a large air capacity belt driven centrifugal fan.The customer requirements for product quality is very high, we communicate with customer consultation, organize production strictly according to customer's request.
June 2014
SIMO BLOWER in South America the first customer is Mexico, both from a partnership to now for three years. On June 6, 2014, Mexican customer places an order for a centrifugal fan for boiler. Our quality products and services get the recognition of numerous customers.
On June 2014, Shayang Mingda glass kiln send again the order form to SIMO blower. Two sets of high-temperature fan which has the maximum operating temperature of 225 ℃.
On 26th of June 2014, agent of Peru client visited SIMO Blower Company. They visited our company's production workshop, laboratory, technical department etc. Then, they made a detail inquiry and communication with technical department based on the design and technical problems related with our products. Both sides negotiated smoothly and built a foundation for next cooperation.
Tangshan Jindi Heavy Machinery Cement Co., Ltd. is a famous cement producer in Hebei Province. The first half year of 2014, it expands two production lines and carries out tender, SIMO blower successful win a bid in both times. The first production line includes the Grate cooler cooling fan,kiln head fan and kiln end fan had been put into use. The second production line of dust blower, ventilation blower and induced draft fan is in production.
July 2014
On 2nd of July 2014, some furnace air blowers and related accessories have painted completely for the production line of Iran's steel mill.
On 3rd of July 2014, according to the requirements of client, technology department carry out the special design for high pressure fans by increasing the sealing ring to prevent gas leakage in production line's project of Iran steel mill. 
On 4th of July 2014, the quality control department tested gas pressure fan. The result shows that pressure fan's noise and vibration value is under standard range. The performance is reliable and operation is stable.
On 5th of July 2014, some air cooling blowers and related accessories have painted completely for the production line of Iran's steel mill.
All huge fan of SIMO Blower Company must carry out assembly test before transport out of factory. On 8th of July 2014, personnel of assembly carry out assembly test for single-suction centrifugal fan (worth 130 thousand dollars) for Vietnam customer's orders to ensure a smooth assembly at cement production site of Vietnam.
On 14th of July 2014, test furnace fan with diameter of 1400mm and result show that the noise level and vibration value is under standard range, which fully reach the criterion of design.
On 15th of July 2014, the quality control department in our company's performance testing center carries out the performance test for exhaust fan for furnace in Iran projects.
On 17th of July 2014, the quality control department in our company's performance testing center carries out the performance test for last batch of furnace exhaust fan in Iran's project. The result shows that furnace exhaust fan have similar flow rate and pressure with the design parameter. The deviation is within the standard range. 


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