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Maintenance of centrifugal blower Fans

Author:SIMO BLOWER Time:2016-09-07

1. The environment should be keep clean; surface of the industrial fans should be clean; inlet & outlet should not have debris. Debris that found inside fan and tube should be clean regularly.
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2. Centrifugal Fans are only allowed to operate under completely normal conditions. At the same time to maintain sufficient power supply, voltage stability, non-missing running, power lines must be dedicated line and should not use the supply line in long-term period.

3. Blower fans will produce abnormal sound when running its function, motor severe heat, charged casing, switch trip, cannot start up and so on, should shut down immediately and have a check. In order to ensure safety, maintenance when the fan is still under running is not allowed. After the maintenance, fans should be operate around 5 minutes for testing, confirmed that no abnormal situation then only start running again.

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4. According to the environmental conditions to supplement or replace the bearing grease from time to time ( motor enclosed bearing does not have to replace the grease within its validity period ). To ensure that the fan during operation of good lubrication, refuel should no less than 1000 hours / time, closed bearings and motor bearings, refuel by filling with ZL-3 lithium grease bearing inner ring 2/3. Running out of oil is strictly prohibited.

5. Fans should be stored in a dry environment, to avoid motor get damp. When the fan is kept in open air, precautions of raining should be prepared. During storage and handling should prevent the fan clash so as not to damage the fans.

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