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Innovation comes from the rain

Author:SIMO Time:2016-04-24

Waking up in the morning, the continuous patter of raindrops is falling from the sky and accompanying with the footsteps of pedestrians. The rain of spring is so precious. Walking in the rain, as if the soul has been purified. After half-hour walking in the rain, I finally arrived at my company. Surprisingly, I found that SIMO BLOWER after being washed by the rain seems like putting on a new coat, and coupled with the unique green of spring, everything looks so fresh and vibrant. This fresh and vibrant scene is very consistent with SIMO BLOWER’s company philosophy, which is pursuing the continuous innovation.

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SIMO Blower has focused on centrifugal fan manufacture for 60 years, and its products are widely used in building materials, environmental protection, power generation, metallurgy and other industries. SIMO is constantly pursuing technological innovation. From the design of blower’s appearance to the improving of blower’s performance, and from the rough hand making of the fan to high technology used in production, SIMO Blower is always walking in the way of innovation.

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