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Industrial ventilation fan impeller process

Author:SIMO BLOWER Time:2016-08-22

Impeller is the main part of the blower. It directly determines the performance and safe reliability of the blower. Therefore, SIMO BLOWER obeys strict quality control standards from raw material procurement to end products out of SIMO. Now, let introduce the impeller technological process.


Procurement of Raw Materials:

SIMO BLOWER selects the GB steel materials, which have specified grade and material warranty, according to the design required by the engineer. After size and quality inspection, we will enter the material inspection procedures. Each batch of steel must be passed the sampling inspection. After passing the material component confirmation, the next procedure design will be started.



SIMO BLOWER adopts CAD computer-aided design for blowers, adopts CAPP computer-aided process design for key components, and uses finite element strength calculations for key components. We compare the multiple plans of variant design and model selection through relevant software. And blowers’ performance tests are done by computer automatic control. After design, the procedure of cutting materials will be actualize.


Cutting Materials:

The front disc, rear disc, middle disc and the blades of impeller are made of the materials cut by plasma to ensure shape lines’ precision and reduce deformation caused by heat. After passing the test on size and shape, we will transfer to the molding program. All parts of impeller like front disc, rear disc and middle disc are formed by using the special moulds and under 1000t cantilever press machine’s press. And we will move on to the welding program after passing the inspection of shape line template.



SIMO BLOWER combines carbon dioxide gas-shielded welding and manual welding.

The preheating of workpiece and electrode is according to national standards. Before welding, lines will be drawn in sequence on all parts of impeller. Then, we will go through the processes of spot welding, welding leveling, and welding conformal riveting. When welding finished, SIMO BLOWER will make ultrasonic testing on each welding seam to ensure that each seam is seamless. After that, SIMO BLOWER will test radial runout and sectional runout of impeller. After passing welding seam inspection and dimensional check, we can move forward to the strain relief programs.


Stress Relief:

For high temperatures or large size impellers, we use annealing to realize its stress relief. The impeller was heated to 980--1020 in the annealing furnace. After a period time of 980~1020, the temperature of annealing furnace would be  decreased to 720~780. Keeping the temperature for a certain time, the impellers will be waited for the slow cooling down. After annealing, the internal force is controlled within the allowable range, and that can ensure the reliable operation of impellers.

For small and medium sized impellers, we use the method of vibration aging treatment. By the principle that vibration aging facilities add high-frequency vibration to the impeller, we can accelerate impeller inner stress’s release and relief.


Quality Testing:

After the stress relief, the quality inspection department will make the shape line inspection, size check, welding seam height test, welding seam ultrasonic test, dye check, and beating check. After passing all inspections, the impeller will be moved to the balancing procedure.



According to the weight of the impeller, SIMO BLOWER will choose 40 tons, 20 tons, or 10 tons of dynamic balance machines for dynamic and static balancing test. According to the balancing numerical values, we will select to weld balancing blocks or remove balancing blocks to make sure the dynamic level to 2.5 mm/s.


Paint Spraying

According to different working conditions, SIMO BLOWER will choose different kinds of paint. We have anticorrosion paint for corrosion and high temperature resistant paint. At the same time, the color of impeller will be painted as the customers’ requirement. SIMO chooses the best color schemes to make the impeller beautiful and durable.


Above is the whole process of impeller production. Hopefully what we shared can be useful to you. You can also follow us on YouTube. We will regularly share professional knowledge of fans.