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Hot nitrogen induced draft blower before delivery

Author:xima Time:2017-11-27

In mid-September, after business negotiation and comparison of centrifugal fan technical parameters, hot nitrogen induced draft blower contract was signed in SIMO BLOWER, which application in Pakistan. According to blower’s technical requirements, SIMO’s workers have finished hot nitrogen gas blower producing. Before delivery, what happened on this hot nitrogen gas blower, let’s have a look!
hot nitrogen induced draft blower
According to the contract, customer’s engineer must check this blower fan before delivery. Comparing with outside drawing, customer’s engineer measured the blower. From impeller size, inlet and outlet flange diameter & thickness to the blower’s height, this induced draft fan’s size mechanical error control within 3 mm.
What’s more, this blower is equipped with 2900r/min motor and when this blower is operating, temperature is up to 200 ℃,but the temperature is only 18 ℃,actually. Under normal temperature & full load condition, the blower fan operating, we records induced draft fan’s electric current, voltage, static pressure, dynamic pressure, vibration value and other data. After the blower fan operating 2 hours, using the data, we calculate performance in 200℃ environment by computer. As high speed, The customer has special requirements about vibration, actually the vibration is 3.2mm/s.
induced draft fan
After all-around testing, it proved that good quality of SIMO’s product. Not for advertise, SIMO’s product would tell the truth.