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Hot news, we have signed contract on site.

Author:xima Time:2017-08-15

In the middle of August, 2017, the Pakistani customer visited SIMO BLOWER and signed hot nitrogen gas blower purchase contract on site.
This purchased hot nitrogen gas blower would replace the former one on site. To save the former hot nitrogen gas blower foundation, the centrifugal fan’s inlet and outlet would be redesigned by SIMO’s engineer. Not only ensure the centrifugal blower connected with pipeline smoothly, but also guarantee the fan’s performance.
hot nitrogen gas blower
Because the hot nitrogen gas blower is applied in production line of food packing material. It is strict with centrifugal fan’s material. What is the special of hot nitrogen gas blower’s material?
1. Hot nitrogen gas blower is applied in the production process of food packing material, therefore the centrifugal fan’s impeller is made of special material, and the hot nitrogen gas blower’s case, air inlet, outlet and other parts are made of 304 stainless steel.
2. To guarantee “ no leakage “, when hot nitrogen gas passed the centrifugal blower fan. SIMO  suggests to use carbon ring sealing for centrifugal blower.
What the hot news it is! The customer got hot nitrogen gas blower technical solution and signed contract with SIMO BLOWER on site at the same time.