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Happy Lantern Festival

Author:SIMO Time:2018-03-01

The first lunar month, also called “yuan”month, the night was called "xiao". Generally, on the 15th day of the first lunar month, when it appears the first full-moon night, the (Yuan Xiao Festival) Lantern Festival comes. Go out to enjoy the moonlight, light lantern & shoot off fireworks, guess lantern riddles, enjoy sweet dumplings, pull rabbit lantern and so on. They are traditional customs on Lantern Festival.


Happy Lantern Festival


The Lantern festival is coming, every household hangs the red lanterns in front of the door, all kinds of lanterns were hung on the street. On the occasion of Lantern Festival, the most interesting thing is to view different kinds of lantern and guess the interesting lantern riddles! The lantern riddle comes, What is yours but is used by others more than by yourself?


red lanterns


On the occasion of Lantern Festival, SIMO sincerely hopes you all happy Lantern Festival, and can enjoy happiness with family! Did you get the lantern riddle answer?