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Grain Full

Author:SIMO Time:2018-05-21

At 10:15 on 21st, May, 2018, welcome the second solar term of summer, the “Grain Full”.


Grain Full


The Grain Full, which marks most regions of China have entered the summer, the temperature difference between the north and the south has further narrowed and precipitation has further increased. It’s a good time for “The wheat is green, barley is yellow, and wind is blowing mild, aromas of flowers everywhere.”
second solar term of summer
At this time, Nightingale is singing lightly, the rain is patting Banana leaves, Plums and apricots are ripening. The summer solstice has not arrived and the Grain Full is not full. Everything is full of life, but calmly waiting for the mature day.


little full, best state of life


Some person said that the state of satisfaction is just good.
The state of happiness is a little more than just good.
If it’s not full, we will regret;
If it’s too full, we will lose;
Only little full, the best state of life.