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Fire Drill in SIMO

Author:SIMO Time:2018-01-22

Winter approaching, the fire disaster often occurs in dry weather. To enhance the fire safety awareness of all employees in SIMO BLOWER, to improve their fire emergency fighting abilities, and to eliminate the fire hazards to the maximum extent. SIMO invited the captain of armed police fire brigade, popularizing fire protection knowledge and demonstrating how to use fire extinguisher correctly.
Fire Drill
Firstly, the fire brigade captain made brief introduction about types of fire extinguishers, and fire extinguishers and a variety of fire scenarios were explained. Combined with the existing fire extinguishers of SIMO BLOWER, the captain proposed the fire extinguishers use principle, which is “ pulling, aiming, pressing and sweeping”, and demonstrated the four actions. Subsequently, under the leadership of the captain, the SIMO BLOWER’s representatives carried out the operation of fire knowledge, putting out the burning fire.
After this fire drill, we consolidated the fire safety knowledge. Remember the fire safety in our heart, and keep in mind that security is the production of security.
Fire safety tips from SIMO:
1. Keep in mind the fire alarm call
2. Do not take the elevator on the way to escape
3. Briefly grasp the use way of fire extinguishers


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