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Fighting the Year of 2017, SIMO set sail

Author:SIMO BLOWER Time:2017-02-06

Today is 8th January on lunar, SIMO BLOWER start the work of 2017.
SIMO start work
In the sound of firecrackers, the door of SIMO BLOWER has been slowly opened. Each staff of SIMO is filled with emotion, waiting the moment. In the new year, all is prosperous. All staff are full of energy. In 2016, the products of SIMO, industrial centrifugal fan, draft fan for boiler, large capacity blower fan have get breakthrough on Energy-saving technology. The year of 2017, keep fighting.
From now on, all of the work is on track. Welcome to your ask, we are ready to service for you. In 2017, we will give you high quality product to return you; In 2017, Attentive service will be supplied. In 2017, SIMO BLOWER is on the fighting way, accompanying with you.