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After Great Cold, another new year

Author:SIMO Time:2018-01-19

In the solar calendar, when it arrived around January 20th, the sun running to the longitude 300°, the great cold comes. The great cold is last solar term in the 24 solar terms of whole year. As saying goes, “after great cold, it will be a new year.”
Great Cold
At this moment, the weather is very cold, but in order to shorten the production period of industrial centrifugal fan for delivery, The workers are very busy with their work in the SIMO BLOWER workshop. Seeing a batch of industrial centrifugal fans were be delivered to the working site, the workers had a big sunny smile. At that moment, the weather didn't seem so cold.
In the great cold, warm tips from SIMO:
1. Avoid going out too much in the morning and evening
2. Remember to keep warm
3. Keep room ventilating and drink more water to complement water in your body

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