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200℃ hot nitrogen draft fan commissioning on site

Author:SIMO Time:2018-01-30

At the beginning of January, the hot nitrogen induced draft fan attracted the attention, which is applied in resin granule production line in Pakistan. From the completion of commissioning to operating normally, after 48 hours of monitoring around the clock, the plant operator took over this hot nitrogen induced draft blower fan from SIMO’s engineer. The test data shows that this fan’s vibration value is as low as 2mm/s, and fan bearing temperature stabilized at 40---50℃.
hot nitrogen induced draft blower
Let’s review the special characteristics of this hot nitrogen draft blower. According to draft fan parameters and requirements from customer, this hot nitrogen draft fan presents following characteristics: 1. High speed rpm 2. Equipped with largest  powerful motor. After SIMO’s engineer rigorous calculation, finally decide to this induced draft fan made of special materials. In addition, due to on-site operating conditions, high temperature nitrogen can’t leak during draft fan operation. SIMO’s engineer designed the carbon ring seal with negative pressure tube for this hot nitrogen draft blower.
hot nitrogen draft fan
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