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This kind of fan is suitable for applications that require large air capacity with low noise, and high efficiency. The fans can deliver clean gas, dusty gas, combustible gas, corrosive gas, powder or granular materials in normal temperature or high temperature.
  • Industrial centrifugal fan

    Industrial centrifugal fan

    Industrial centrifugal fan is a kind of fluid machinery that depends on mechanical energy as input, to improve the gas p

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  • Industrial boiler Induced draft centrifugal fan

    Industrial boiler Induced draft centrifugal fan

    Draught fan is one type of boiler centrifugal fan. This serise industrial centrifugal fan is equipped for various burnin

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  • Dust Removal System

    Dust Removal System

    My company and Hebei Xuanhua Tian Jie Environmental Protection Technology Co. cooperation has been more than six years.

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  • High Temperature Fan

    High Temperature Fan

    In 2008, SIMO BLOWER undertake Luoyang Xiangjiang Wanji Aluminum Co., Ltd. 1850t / d roaster temperature induced draft fan project.

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  • Cement


    Italy cement Group Shaanxi Fuping Cement Limited Company is one of the largest cement manufacturing plant in northern China, the client have a very strict requirements on the fan performance, reliability, service life.

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  • Cement Production Line

    Cement Production Line

    In June 2014, General Contractor from Burmese cement Company by the Academy of Luoyang Mining Machinery Engineering Design Institute having 5000t/d cement production line's project and carry out a tender publicly for blower system purchasin

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  • Heavy Duty Blower

    Heavy Duty Blower

    From 2012 to 2013, SIMO BLOWER together closely with our European distributor in Russia, Ukraine, Guatemala and other countries jointly undertake a number of large-scale industrial construction projects.

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